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How To Revive Yourself After A Bad Breakup

We’ve all been through a really bad breakup. As lovely as it would be for every relationship to have ended in ‘Happily Ever After’, it doesn’t always happen that way.  The trick is to turn your failures into lessons and create the ultimate success story–not perfect, but who wants that…

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have faith

Sometimes I’m Afraid To Just Have Faith

Can I tell you a secret? It’s a big one. Even though my faith in God is everlasting and I truly believe that He will direct my path, life can get extremely overwhelming and downright scary at times–and because of that, sometimes I’m afraid to just “have faith.” You know how you’ll…

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9 Foolproof Ways To Live Your Best Life

“Living my best life” has become a go-to mantra and photo caption for many–and for good reason! In a world where we fear sending our babies to school, racism is back in the forefront of our everyday lives, and Donald Trump is still the president, it is a constant reminder…

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4 Topics Women Love to Talk About

The key to having a great conversation that flows naturally is having a good topic of conversation, right? Well, I’d say so. Most women have no problem talking, but that doesn’t mean the conversation is always fruitful or headed in a direction that will lead to yet another conversation. So…

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