The Liberation Issue


The Liberation Issue is Prime Fifty-Two Magazine’s Fall 2018 release. The theme focuses on topics that make you feel free and liberated. With categories like parenting, wellness, and relationships, The Liberation Issue is sure to have at least one article you’ll be sure to bookmark to read again.

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The Liberation Issue is the very first issue of Prime Fifty-Two Magazine. We are so excited about the Fall release and are sure that it’s theme of “Freedom & Liberation” is sure to touch the hearts of many who read it. Feel free to highlight, bookmark, or reread anything you relate to because we are sure you’ll find something you’ll want to take with you!

Our Fall issue features writers, Diana Joiner, Dee Smith, Jade Essence, Saran Lawson, Selena Rincon, Aleshia Britt and of course, Editor-in-chief Isis Nezbeth. It also features an exclusive interview with DJ Hourglass and remarkable photography from over 25 amazing artists.

**All users who purchase a copy of this digital magazine will also gain EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the additional content being released online only at no additional cost!**


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