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Hey friends! I'm Isis, EIC of the Prime Fifty-Two Brand. Thank you for visiting our internet home. I'm so glad you did! Get cozy, read some articles, challenge my opinions, leave some commments, write me an email... whatever floats your boat!

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A Guideline To Approaching Her “Woman-To-Woman”

It’s time to go to her woman-to-woman. We’re getting a little personal today. About three years ago, I found myself as someone’s wife compelled to address another woman about her relationship with my–now–ex-husband. I had my suspicions about the relationship for about six months before ever taking any action, but…

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20 Mid-Day Texts To Make Him Smile

How often do you really put forth the effort to make him smile? Men deserve to feel needed and wanted just like we desire to be, ladies. I don’t know about you, but I love getting a random text of endearment from my man. It lets me know that he’s…

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