Hey there, I’m Isis! Editor-in-chief of Prime Fifty-Two Magazine, brand ambassador, freelance writer, beer and coffee connoisseur and co-host of the Thoughts On Tap Podcast. Two weeks after graduating from college in a small town and feeling like I had no place else to grow, I packed my bags and headed for the Big Apple with a little money and BIG DREAMS! As scary as it was, it did wonders for my self-confidence. I vowed to forever take myself seriously as a writer from then on. I’ve been pursuing my dreams of becoming a professional writer and owning my own magazine ever since!

At the start of 2016, I gave birth to my gorgeous Flower. She has been giving me a run for my money since that very day. She transformed me from the minute I found out I was pregnant with her and because of the growth I experience internally, it changed a lot about what I was putting into my work. Ultimately, it was time for the next big thing. It was time to allow my brand to grow and flourish just as my daughter did for me!

When I’m not working on building my brand or raising my daughter, my laptop and I can be found on a pretty restaurant patio enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or an ice-cold beer, depending on the time of day! I also love hearing people talk about their dreams, goals, and passions so definitely drop me a line!