“Living my best life” has become a go-to mantra and photo caption for many–and for good reason! In a world where we fear sending our babies to school, racism is back in the forefront of our everyday lives, and Donald Trump is still the president, it is a constant reminder that tomorrow is not promised and that we should seize the moment whenever we’re given the opportunity to. Still, some people struggle with how to actually achieve living your best life. As someone who feels that, for the most part, I do strive to live my best life daily, here are 9 foolproof ways to live your best life without much effort beyond these tips! Let’s get into it!

  1. Find your faith. This is by far the first step of living my best life. It’s simple really. There is a divine peace you get from growing closer with God–or whomever you believe in. No, I’m not perfect–nowhere near it–but I love the Lord and I do my best to glorify Him as often as I can. There’s a sense of fulfillment I get from chasing God. I never try to push Him on anyone, I just like to stand as an example of His Love, His Power, and His Might. I try to fulfill the purpose He gave me by using the gifts He bestowed on me daily. I promise, if you try it, it’ll blow your mind.
  2. Fall in love with yourself. I have a secret to tell y’all. I love me some Isis Nezbeth. Throughout life, I have experienced several things that used to allow me to think some really ugly things about myself. Finding my faith helped me to let go of those ugly thoughts and to embrace self-love. Falling in love with myself fueled me to do pretty much everything. I began to understand that it was absolutely okay to make Isis happy. That’s when I started to chase my dreams. I stopped worrying about what other’s thought of me and started focusing on what I thought of me–which was improving by the day. I’ve been my best friend pretty much ever since.
  3. Be genuinely kind to others. Don’t you just hate it when someone does something good for someone else because of what they expect to get out of it? I do, too. I learned a very long time ago that “you reap what you sow.” In my 27 years of life, I believe this to be 100% true. If you do kind things to people and you’re genuinely putting out positive vibes, you will reap exactly that.
  4. Change the things that make you unhappy. It’s pretty much impossible to live your best life when you’re doing things that make you unhappy. You have to get rid of dead weight and negative energy in order to truly live your best life. If you’re in a relationship that is toxic or unhealthy, end it. It doesn’t even have to be toil or unhealthy in all honesty. Nevertheless, if it’s making you unhappy you should free yourself. This could also be a job. It really doesn’t matter what it is as long as you change the things you know are causing your unhappiness. You deserve the absolute best in everything.
  5. Accept the things that you can’t change and make peace with them. As easy as I might have made it sound to change the things that make you unhappy, we have to recognize that there will be some things that make you unhappy that you can’t change. It’s not the end of the world though. What you have to do when you find yourself in this position is to make accept the flaws or circumstances and make peace with them. It is incredibly important to do this in order to achieve your best life. It is so hard to move forward when you’re stuck in the past. Find that inner peace, boo.
  6. Celebrate the things you do well. I used to forget about this a lot, but I’ve realized since living my best life that I have to celebrate myself. I have to acknowledge the things I’ve accomplished, the progress I make, the lessons I learn–everything. I had to learn to be my biggest cheerleader. Of course, after conquering the things previously mentioned, this becomes a lot easier to do that it might seem to you right now. I used to be in the place that you might be in where you’re questioning… what’s so good about me? What do I really have to celebrate? I know you’ve got plenty to celebrate though. If not, I’ll start you off. Just the fact that you clicked on this article to learn more about how to live your best life is an accomplishment. It’s a starting point and that is always something to celebrate.
  7. Cherish your family and friends. I’m a firm believer that friends are the family you choose. So, overall you only get one family. It’s important to cherish each and every relationship that helps to mold you into the person you’re coming to know, love, and be. Don’t spend your days holding petty grudges or missing out on quality time because of the excuse that you don’t have the time. Living your best life includes being full in love too. You need to be around your love source! Make time for the important things… like family and friends.
  8. Take risks. At the end of the day, the greatest thing I’ve done since living my best life has been my ability to take risks! I adore the place I’m in mentally when I’m focusing on the things that keep me happy and healthy. They make me feel like I can take on anything! Use this feeling! I’m telling you, when you get into the zone where you’re making your best effort to live your best life, you will begin to take risks that you’ve always wanted to but were always too afraid to try. It will shed so much like on all the open doors that you thought were closed in your life.
  9. LIVE. In order to live your best life… you’ve got to live darlin’! You have to get used to doing exciting things, taking risks, making new friends, cherishing old ones, embarking on new journeys–everything! Promise me that when you make that commitment to live your best life, that you’ll actually live like your life is truly at it’s best, k? Cheers to life, girlfriend.

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