The only thing worse than not having sex is having bad sex, but how do you let him know he’s not getting you there? Should you even tell him?

The answer is yes.

Sometimes you gotta let him know what’s up! You don’t have to argue about the sex, you can simply show him what you really want. Here are seven simple ways to show him what you really want in bed.

  1. When he’s in the right spot, make sure he knows it. Simply put, overdo it a little bit. If he’s handling his business just right make him feel good about it. Verbal praise can go a long way here. He will more than likely be turned on by how vocal you’re being and is likely to work even harder to get you there.
  2. Guide him. Literally, guide him through your body. Move his hands where you want them to be. Point to where you want to be kissed. Push his head down toward your honey pot. Take control of the situation and show him where you need him to be.
  3. Show him by doing it to him. Take charge. If you’re wanting to try something new be the person to initiate it. Don’t go all dominatrix on him–unless you two are into that kind of thing–but don’t wait on him to get things started. By showing him how good it feels to him, hopefully, he’ll know that he should return the favor as well!
  4. Show him by doing it yourself. This won’t work with everything, but for some stuff, you can show him how to take care of business by taking care of business for yourself. He’ll be pretty turned on by it and that should make a good student out of him. When you’re finished let him know to give it a try on you as well.
  5. Find a video. We’re all familiar with PornHub. If he can’t seem to get the picture, show him a video.
  6. Roleplay. You could literally role play ‘teacher and student’ and instruct him on how to handle business. If you two are the creative types, role play options are endless and usually are a good time. You two won’t be acting as yourselves which tends to open doors to try new things while ‘in character’. Don’t be shy, give it a shot!
  7. Tell him. If all else fails, just tell him directly. You deserve to have great sex. You can find a creative way to tell him just to spice things up or you could simply have the conversation with him, but it definitely needs to be communicated.

We all have needs that need to be satisfied; don’t settle for mediocre sex. Let him know what you want without hurting his ego. After all, a little help never hurt anybody.

This article was originally written by Editor-in-chief of Prime Fifty-Two, Isis Nezbeth, and can also be seen on Thought Catalog.